December 5, 2022


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What Are OPTIONAL Preflop Hands? GTO Poker Ranges App

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If your poker ranges offer optional preflop hands, which ones should you play? What goes into choosing the tighter range as opposed to the looser one? Which players benefit from using one versus the other? Regardless of the range charts you’re looking at, knowing how to understand the differences is super important.

In this video, James "SplitSuit" Sweeney breaks down the optional hands in the new GTO Poker Ranges App. Learn how to choose between the tighter and looser open-raising ranges in the "exploitative ranges," and see how to compose your ranges when facing preflop aggression. Knowing when to pop a cusp hand into a passive or aggressive action is vital as poker continues to get more 3-betty overall.

0:00 Good morning
0:23 What are optional preflop hands?
0:44 Exploitative preflop ranges
1:25 Optional preflop open-raising hands
1:59 When to use the tighter ranges
2:17 When to use the looser ranges
3:28 Optional 3 and 4-bets preflop
5:23 The leak these ranges fix
6:35 Download the app


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Source: The Poker Bank

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