September 27, 2022


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THIS Is When You Should SLOW-PLAY A SET (Live Poker Leak Alert)

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It’s typically good to play your sets fast and aggressive, but there are times when slow playing will be WAY more profitable. Let’s review a $1/$2 #poker hand where my opponent missed out on hundreds of dollars by shoving his #set instead of just calling the flop instead.

In this video, James "SplitSuit" Sweeney reviews a hand from VLOG #9. Hero raises with KTs from early position, ends up going 5-way to the flop (oops!), and faces a $45 donk-jam into a $30 pot. After hero calls, villain shoves over the top with a set, and ends up winning the minimum in a spot where he can EASILY make another $100+. Major concepts include calling to induce action behind you, a lack of reasonable semi-bluff combos in a raising range, and raise sizing elasticity.

(P.S., the conversation about raise sizing elasticity is what could make villain’s all-in super good for bluffing. But players at this level pretty much never do that, so it’s a moot point here)

0:00 Slow playing sets intro
0:25 Preflop
0:49 Flop action
2:14 Flopping a set
2:35 Slow playing sets to induce more callers
3:07 Lack of semi-bluff combos
3:41 Letting players play perfectly
4:26 Can I fold top pair here?
5:17 Why slow playing a set is best here
6:32 Results
7:02 Studying slow vs fast plays
7:33 Watch all of VLOG 9


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Source: The Poker Bank

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