December 8, 2022


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The Poker MATH Quiz: Explained | SplitSuit

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The poker math quiz tests your maths skills across 20 questions covering everything from pot odds to combos to expected value. SplitSuit reviews every question, shows you the correct answers and process, and shares what 1,000+ other poker players answered.

Given the average score was just 55%, a video explaining this entire #poker quiz seemed important. So either start by taking the quiz: or dive into the answers now:

00:00 Intro
01:19 Q1-Pot Odds
02:27 Q2-Outright Profitable Bet
04:04 Q3-Combos In QQ+/AK
05:46 Q4-Blind Stealing
07:11 Q5-Setmining EV
08:57 Q6-Overbetting BE%
10:27 Q7-Implied Odds
12:24 Q8-%Form
14:27 Q9-AK vs. JJ+/AK
16:10 Q10-3Bet Fold Equity
17:42 Q11-Pot Sized Raise
18:45 Q12-Calling AIPF
20:48 Q13-Auto-Profit Raises
22:49 Q14-Offering Pot Odds
24:08 Q15-3Bet Range %Form
25:14 Q16-Combos In 27% Range
27:53 Q17-Combos Of TP+ & Draws
30:02 Q18-EV Of Shoving Preflop
33:30 Q19-EV Of Calling River Bet
35:23 Q20-Fold% Of 2 Players
36:49 Your Next Step



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Source: The Poker Bank

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