November 29, 2022


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The PERFECT GTO Range When Facing 3Bets Preflop

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Check out what the GTO solver suggests doing when you face a 3bet preflop. See exactly what a #GTO 4bet range and call vs. 3bet range look like, and how we’ve simplified the solver output into ranges that you can actually memorize.

James and Chris show you the exact solver output from Monker and show off the simple versions included in both CORE and PRO at Red Chip Poker. Notice the insane complexities in the GTO solver #ranges (building perfect mixes into your preflop strategy), but how some poker context can derive a usable range that humans can actually utilize.

00:00 Good Morning
00:22 You Open The HJ And The Button 3bets
00:30 CORE vs PRO Ranges
02:04 4Betting from OOP Range
03:58 GTO 4Betting Range
06:32 Simplification Of GTO Ranges
09:19 Discretionary Hands
13:17 Stop Folding So Much
17:51 Get All Of Our Ranges

Please note that the solver shows all continuing hands as if they were 100% included in the open-raising range. Some hands, such as the smallest pocket pairs, are only slightly included in the solver’s open-raising ranges, so the output shows what the solver would do with the small fraction of those combos that end up facing the 3bet in the first place.


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