December 9, 2022


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Taking SHOTS In Poker (The “15/2” Bankroll Strategy)

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When should you take a shot at the next level up in #poker? If you’re considering moving up to a higher limit, you should utilize my "15/2" bankroll strategy to move up even faster. Most players make the mistake of waiting too long before they take poker shots, and they miss out on BRM opportunities to massively increase their hourly winrate.

In this video, James "SplitSuit" Sweeney breaks down taking shots, moving up, and everything in between. Learn how many buyins you want for the next level, how many BI you should risk when trying to move up, and how aggressively you should move down if the shot fails.

0:00 Good Morning
0:27 Question About Moving Up
0:45 Taking Shots In Poker
1:17 Create A Shot Taking Plan
2:30 When You Should Take A Shot
3:07 Moving Up Misconceptions
5:12 When To NOT Take Shots
6:10 Taking Shots When Multi Tabling
6:52 Microstakes + Shots
8:19 Ask Your Poker Questions


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