December 9, 2022


Its all about the cards!

Should You ONLY Call With QUADS Here? Folding Bottom Boat.

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Hero turns bottom full house with 99 only to face the worst action on the worst river card, but the more interesting question is "what should you call with on the river?" Is this a spot with you should only give action with #quads, and if so, is hero being too tight by folding this river?

In this video, James and Chris review a hand posted in the RCP Discord. Hero steals with 99 and just the BB defends. After villain just calls the flop cbet and turn barrel, they opt to overbet donk on the river. Concepts include the option to overbet the turn, villain’s bluff range after calling the flop and turn, and why JJ might be the weakest hand you call with on the river.

0:00 Good Morning
0:14 Preflop With 99
0:23 Flop AAJ
1:10 Turn 9
4:00 River A
7:00 Results


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Source: The Poker Bank

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