December 5, 2022


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Rock Paper Scissors Strategy vs. GTO Poker

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Rock Paper Scissors is one of the first strategy games you come across when learning GTO poker. The comparison between poker and RPS will help you deeply understand the arguments for either adopting a GTO or an exploitative play style. The truth is that GTO and exploitative poker are interrelated, and this simple exploration will help you visualize exactly how that is.

In this video, James "SplitSuit" Sweeney breaks down the simple strategy game "Rock Paper Scissors" , or RPS, to help explain a more complex game like poker. Get the perfect Rock Paper Scissors strategy, how to adjust your strategy when your opponent deviates, and how this compares to game theory optimal (GTO) poker. Note how the different payoff tables between the two games, along with the number of possible decisions within the game tree, make poker infinitely more complex than RPS. So much so that RPS is considered "strongly solved" while NLHE poker is still not even considered solved.

00:00 Good Morning
00:28 Rock Paper Scissors vs Poker
00:54 Rock Paper Scissors Game Explained
01:25 RPS Is A Solved Game
01:53 The GTO Rock Paper Scissors Strategy
02:32 Playing A Bad Rock Paper Scissors Player
03:18 Poker vs RPS
03:47 GTO vs Exploitative Poker
04:46 RPS And Poker Scoring Comparison
05:33 Big Takeaways
06:15 GTO Poker Gems


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