December 8, 2022


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Only LOSERS Call With King Queen Here…

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Even though many #poker players will call a raise with KQ here, 3-betting King Queen is going to be WAY better. Let’s review a hand from #VLOG 10 where the HJ open-raises, the CO calls, and we have KQo on the button. I opt to make a large squeeze instead of just calling, and lay out the case for playing these spots more aggressively.

Remember, most players will just flat call here and then wonder why postflop sucks so much when the pot goes 4-way and they end up losing with top pair against a stupid two pair hand. But let’s see what various preflop range charts, including the live GTO solve, say is the best option with King Queen here. Then, start turning these small loser hands into more profitable winners. Enjoy!

0:00 King Queen Intro
0:40 KQ Preflop Spot
1:21 Preflop 3betting Ranges
2:51 Squeezing King Queen
4:44 Flopping Top Pair
6:07 Turn Continuation Bet With KQ
7:27 Hand Results
7:47 More Preflop Ranges With KQ


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Source: The Poker Bank

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