December 8, 2022


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MASSIVE Leak, Folding Too Much In Poker | SplitSuit

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While fishy poker players fold too rarely, many regs are folding too often in today’s games. Folding may seem harmless since you avoid losing big pots, but losing heaps of small-medium pots is a massive leak. This video looks at #folding from a 10,000-foot view and gives you some simple ways to improving your continuance frequencies ASAP.

The 1% Course:

Podcast on crushing fear:

The original article on #folding too much:

0:00 How Much Do You Fold?
1:58 Why Folding Too Much Hurts You
6:10 Preventing Auto Profit Bets For Opponents
10:59 How Often Should You Fold?
12:20 How to Continue With More Hands
17:22 Get the 1% Course

Source: The Poker Bank

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