November 29, 2022


Its all about the cards!

Leak ALERT. Do You Know Your OVERBET Spots?

1 min read

A great #overbet can print money when done correctly, but do you know when to use this large bet size? Let’s analyze a common spot with a nut flush draw and see if you can spot the right time to start overbetting!

In this video, James and Chris review a hand posted in the RCP Forum. Hero 3bets with A5s and has to make some decisions with a nut flush draw that deals with a paired turn card and a brick river. While hero’s main question is whether this is a good spot for firing all 3 barrels, there are some serious turn considerations to make.

00:00 Good morning
00:57 Preflop Ad5d
02:08 Flop 9d7d3s
03:59 Turn 7s
15:14 River Kh
22:02 Showdown
23:57 Note about villain’s play


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Source: The Poker Bank

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