May 26, 2022


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It All Started With ACES… ⋅ SplitSuit Poker VLOG 008

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This $1/$2 #poker session starts with pocket #Aces, and the action picks up from there. Hands from this 4-hour session include hero calling with 4th pair, playing top pair in a few different spots, getting all-in preflop a couple of times, and of course, playing AA in a bloated pot. Pay special attention to the impact of the button straddles and the sizing principles in both single raised and 3bet pots.

Push play, and let’s review every substantial hand from this #VLOG session played at Orange City in Florida. And remember to leave a comment if you’d play any of these hands differently – especially the first QT hand!

00:00 Good morning
00:26 Aces in a bloated pot
04:58 44 whiffs the set
07:22 QT flops a pair
10:43 QT flops two pair
12:27 AQ goes AIPF
14:15 AQ tries going AIPF again
16:39 AT squeezes preflop
18:10 Session results


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Source: The Poker Bank

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