May 26, 2022


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I Run Into ACES TWICE In One Night ⋅ SplitSuit $1/$2 Poker VLOG 009

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It’s tough to have a big winning session when you keep running into aces! This $1/$2 #poker session has everything: a preflop all-in pot with KK, some top pair hands, and unusual plays with Ace King. Hands from this 5-hour session include delay c-betting, playing multi-way pots, going for thin-value with top pair, and check-raising TPTK in a 5-way pot. Plus a little 86o 3bet…you know…for the #VLOG

Push play, and let’s review every notable hand from this session played at Orange City Card Room in Florida. And remember to leave a comment if you’d play any of these hands differently – especially the Q9 hand at the end!

00:00 Good morning
00:11 Q9 in a straddle pot
02:07 AK flops a flush draw
05:34 86o gets feisty
07:30 QT keeps getting better
09:36 KK preflop
11:18 AK takes a weird line
14:45 KT faces a flop overbet
17:00 Q9 flops top pair
19:43 Session results


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Source: The Poker Bank

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