November 29, 2022


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GTO Bet Sizes: Is One Size Enough?

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Most #poker players believe that the best way to balance is to simply bet all of their hands for a single size. They bet $X with their strong hands and $X with their bluffs too. But what if I told you that was incredibly wrong?

In this video, I prove why a single bet sizing strategy fails the GTO test and why multiple sizes are mandatory to appease the #gto solvers. Please, do not disappoint the solvers.

0:00 Good Morning
0:43 No Bet Sizing Tells
1:46 Why A Single Bet Size Fails
3:32 Balance Your Bet Sizes
4:46 Forcing One Bet Size
5:29 Example With Multiple Bet Sizes
6:50 GTO Solvers Love Multiple Bet Sizings
7:46 Pure vs Mixed Betting Strategies
9:11 Pocket Aces Bet Sizing
9:48 Ace King Is Mixing
11:27 Multiple Bluff Sizes
11:50 Bet Sizing Takeaways
12:39 Your Invitation


· What GTO solver is that?:
· Any tips for playing Ace King better?:
· GTO bluffing concepts:

Source: The Poker Bank

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