December 8, 2022


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Building Preflop Ranges With Hand Combinations | SplitSuit

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I go over how to build #preflop #ranges with #combinations so that you can start understanding the underlying math behind preflop play.


Combos are incredibly important when it comes to breaking down preflop ranges at a more technical level. Especially when ranges, either current ranges or ranges your opponent might give action with, get narrow – having a strong grasp on combos can help you find extra spots to apply pressure. For instance, if they open many combos and would only continue against your 3bet with QQ+/AK, which is very few combos like we saw earlier, 3betting more bluffs to take advantage when they over-fold is excellent.

The best way to practice this and begin developing a strong technical intuition of ranges & combos is my Math & Preflop Workbook. There are many more examples like the ones we did today along with syncing this skillset up with blockers…plus preflop exercises on 3betting, squeezing, 4betting, and even preflop all-ins.

0:00 Preflop Combination Math
11:09 Equating Combos With Percentages
16:58 Math And Preflop Workbook


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