September 27, 2022


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A Pair Of JACKS (Leak Alert)

2 min read

It’s never easy playing a pair of Jacks, especially when it’s bottom pair on a wet flop texture. Should you bet it and play aggressive, or check behind and play it passively? Let’s review this common #poker leak and even see what the #GTO solver wants to do in this hand.

In this video, James "SplitSuit" Sweeney reviews a hand from poker VLOG 6. We fire a continuation bet with bottom pair, and the analysis starts right away. We pull up the GTO+ solver and see just how much the solver hates this cbet (hint, it’s a lot, lol). We then explore the overall line suggestion the solver has when facing checks and bets on the turn, and discuss when to deviate from the solver’s suggestion. Let’s review it all in this in-depth video.

00:00 Good Morning
00:30 Preflop With J9s
00:49 Flopping A Pair Of Jacks
01:07 GTO Play With Jacks
01:52 What Should Villain Do Here
02:48 Is Folding Top Pair GTO Approved
05:47 The GTO Turn Play vs. Checks And Bets
07:03 Turn & River Play With A Pair Of Jacks
07:16 Hero Calling A Pair Of Jacks
08:03 Creating An Entire Play
09:57 Grab This GTO Solver


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