May 26, 2022


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2 VERY BAD Check-Raise Bluffs That Worked Out 馃槼

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Sometimes a badly played #poker bluff still makes you money, and this video has TWO terrible check-raises. Let’s review some $1/$2 poker hands where my bad check-raises ended up making some money. And yes, the second hand is horrible lol.

In this video, James "SplitSuit" Sweeney reviews two hands from the same session as VLOG #9. A combination of math and reads lead to these #bluffs, but the second hand requires *perfect* reads to even slightly begin to justify the check-raise shove. Major concepts include if certain lines can be for value too, range assignments, EV, and leveraging tools like Flopzilla Pro while studying.

0:00 Good Morning
0:29 Hand 1 Preflop
1:04 First Check Raise
1:58 Check Raise Checklist
2:44 Flopzilla Pro XR Analysis
7:16 A Bad Check Raise Wins
7:29 Hand 2 Preflop
7:53 Second Check Raise
8:15 Middle Board Analysis
13:27 Check Raise Results
13:42 More Check Raise Considerations
14:51 Please Like This Video


FLOPZILLA PRO: SplitSuit Edition

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Source: The Poker Bank

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